Mind Traffic Control (2007 – 2013)

Originally an excercise in learning to use the Google App Engine, MTC is a minimal but social task management software whose main feature is to let you manage “todo queues” rather than “todo lists”. Although basic it provides a workable way to track delegation of tasks to your colleagues.

Site : Mind Traffic Control

La Mer (2004)

Music for the Beton Companhia de Dança, Brasilia. Performed at the National Theatre, Brasilia. Based on the Debussy piece of the same name.

In many ways I enjoy the sketches and experiments that I produced while working on this score more than the final pieces used. Here are a few of them.

Notes Towards A Reinvention (2003)

In 2003, I already felt I’d fallen into a rut with FruityLoops. And all the electronic music I was hearing seemed the same. Ironically, I thought I could push myself forward, sort of by going back.

This is a collection of personal experiments, of going back to basics (or in the case of the first track, back to “the original cliche” of repetitive, “intelligent” electronica), and trying to push myself in different directions.

BeatBlog (2001 – 2002)

Frequent exercises and experiments with FruityLoops, I put online in a “blog-like” format. Encouraging others to download and use these small seeds as the bases for their own remixes and compositions. Often they were simple rhythms, sometimes they grew into small sound-worlds.

BeatBlog 1 : 9

BeatBlog 3 : 24

The original beatblog has long gone, but I reran it for a while using Soup.io.

BeatBlog revisited (on Soup.io) »