Pablo Smash : ANTICRISIS GIRL EP (2015)

A new Pablo Smash EP, following the same principles as the original : tracks named after NSA / GCHQ surveillance programmes and software, a distroid / vaporwave musical aesthetic.

A couple of notes about it on my wiki.

“Better than Live” @ Gruta Creative Lab (2015)

May 30th, 2015, I played a rare “live” gig at Gruta Creative Lab, Brasilia. This is a short selection of the tunes I played, done in FL Studio. The following isn’t a live recording (unfortunately one wasn’t made), but a recreation using the same patterns and roughly the same structure. (I was improvising in Fruity’s “Performance Mode”).

Hence “better than live” 😉

Zewp! MansionHouse – Live at Arvore Monstro (2014)

A live performance combining MansionHouse (a Pure Data based synth, programmed with Gates of Dawn) and a version of Zewp! adapted to run in Processing using my Art Toys library. The Zewp! Processing sketch is just a controller, sending messages via Open Sound Control to the PD hosted synths. There’s also FL Studio running in the background.

Brazewok EP (2015)

Vidro e Alumínio (2014)

My soundtrack for a show by Margaridas Dança.

Here are the big tunes in a more accessible (and downloadable) form.

And here’s the whole thing. Hopefully the video will be available online soon.

Gates of Dawn (2013 – 2014)

Gates of Dawn is a Python library to generate PureData patches. PureData is a great free software synth construction kit, but as a coder I’d like a more programmatic way of building synths.

Gates of Dawn let’s me write code that looks like this :

from god import *

with patch("hello.pd") as f :
    dac_ ( sin_ ( slider("pitch",0,1000) ) )

to make a simple slider to control a sin oscillator which feeds into the dac~ object.

Gates of Dawn at GitHub »