Part cosmic drone machine! Part divination ritual! Part flea circus!

A swarm-based music program inspired by (and in opposition to) Gbloink!.

Whereas Gbloink! is about bouncing, Zewp! is about swerving. Gbloink! favours percussive, staccato sounds. Zewp! has continuous drones. Gbloink!'s play area is innocent, a field of colourful and abstract blocks; Zewp!'s stark monochromes, and meaning-laden with esoteric symbols.

Nevertheless, the two share the basic premise : a swarm creates music in a space which is continuously adjusted and reconfigured by the user. It is the interaction of the swarm and the space which gives rise to the specifics of the music.

Zewp! Major and Minor Arcana

iPhone App

College project.

Zewp! MansionHouse @ Arvore Monstro #3

A Processing app. communicating with Pure Data via OSC

Performance software and performance.

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