Everyone needs a house made of music.

This is mine.

The Lab

YouTube channel.

How to make a Trap Beat in Sonic-Pi : 2018

Art Toys and Musical Innovations

Various interactive art-works, virtual instruments. Some made with my ArtToys Processing Library

Slow Controllers (2017)

Improvisation using the XFM synth (in Max/MSP) driven by a Slow Controllers / K-Diag Processing sketch.

Gbloink! (1997 - )

Gbloink! Site

Zewp! (2010 - )

Writing and Curating

Brasilia Noise Playlist

Article and playlist for The Wire. (Jan 2019)

The Next Genre : CineBeat

My Quora Answer. (Jan 2019)


Online playlist and group blog I occasionally post interesting things to.


Contemporary Dance and other Soundtracks

Confluencia das Coisas Inúteis : 2016

Vidro e Alumínio : 2014

My soundtrack for a show by Margaridas Dança.

Here are the big tunes in a more accessible (and downloadable) form.

And here’s the whole thing.

Tumulto III (2015)

Audio for an installation by Wagner Barja.

Made with recordings of sea, whales and dolphins; the MansionHouse synths; FL Studio and re-appropriations of my La Mer sound-track

Dionysian Industrial Complex : 2018

A netlabel of Experimental beauty. Devotional Noise. Technoshamanism.


Here To Move EP (2019)

Brazewok EP (2015)

Black Rose (2019)

Collaboration with singer Ingr_d. A refix of her vocal track Las Plantas Sagradas Y La Rosa Negra

Heresia Cósmica (2016)

Remix for / in colaboration with pUNk[A]l_sUlUk and Ciberpajé.



Get fresh beats nearly every day now and then, on the re-animated BeatBlog.

And buy them on BeatStars. Here are the latest 2018

Pablo Smash

Tracks named after NSA / GCHQ surveillance programmes and software; a distroid / vaporwave musical aesthetic.

AntiCrisis Girl : 2015

PRISM Planet : 2013